What to look for in a Leadership Consultancy

Leadership Consultancy
With the large amount of them to choose from. finding the right Leadership Consultancy can be a challenge, we hope that this article helps you to make an informed decision.

This article will cover the things you should look for in a Leadership Consultancy for your Business.

Services Offered

There are many services that a conventional Leadership Consultancy will offer, this section will go through these things and give you some hints and tips of what to look out for.

Leadership Development

This is one of the more generic and contemporary services offered by your average leadership consulting firm, with the service being around improving the leadership skills and business knowledge of those in management.

A unique and arguably more effective approach is to develop leaders to be able to follow and teach the agile project management methodology while also guiding the current business leaders to know what to look for in employees to then nurture them into leadership roles, which is far cheaper than outsourcing for a leadership role.

Mental Resilience

All about improving how employees handle stress or reducing their stress levels, which in a competitive office environment is a massively useful skill to have.

The best thing to look for is a service that focuses on preventing the build up of stress over lowering the current stress level, as it is far cheaper in the short and long term, and leads to better overall results by ensuring employees can handle stress and cope with it over lowering an already stressed and burned out employee.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical Well being and health is strongly linked with productivity, especially in office environments where lots of office injuries can happen. For this service its best to just focus on the most experienced leadership consultancy who provides the best brief.

Organisational Purpose

An incredible 70 percent of organisations do not have a clearly defined intent that is organisational. 70 percent of individuals, thus, don’t understand why they spent 90,000 hours of the life working. Individuals are connected by purpose more profound than generating profit. It permits people to reevaluate the effect they have in society, community, their clients and the world. The workforce of today thrives on goal and company vision. It inspires them, inspires individuals and gives them the clarity of thoughts.

For this service its best to just focus on the most experienced leadership consultancy who provides the best brief.


When looking at price, don’t look at the initial cost, but the projected savings, as a company that costs £500 but saves you thousands a month is better than a company that costs £300 but only saves you 1,000 a month, for example. This doesn’t mean completely ignore the up front costs, but definitely account for the long term costs along with the up front ones.


The experience of the specific leadership consultancy you are looking at, both within your niche as well as overall with a wide array of clients is a good way of seeing the results and overall quality you can expect from them.


To conclude, finding the right leadership consultancy for your needs and requirements is based on multiple factors, such as price, experience and services offered.