Wes Nelson Dismisses ‘Fix’ Claims on Dancing on Ice

Dancing On Ice runner-up Wes Nelson has trapped for James Jordan, following some audiences indicated he wasn’t a deserving winner.

On Sunday night, Wes simply missed out to be crowned this year’s Dancing On Ice winner, even following the people decided to provide the name to James rather than

But with James coming out of a dance background, and having served as an expert on Strictly Come Dancing for several decades, some have questioned if he should’ve been permitted to win the series.

Talking on Loose Women daily following this year’s closing, Wes insisted:”It is not fair he’s getting stick. He’s come up to now on the series.”

It is an entire leveller.

“He could have been a priest on the ground in only, but he is not an ice skater. Figure-skating is a very different game and he has done so, also.”

Ames functioned as an expert dancer for eight string of Strictly, before he left in 2014, later claiming he had been sacked because of a succession of remarks about the series.

His Dancing On Ice triumph was especially remarkable, as he hurt his knee during training only days ahead of the closing, he admitted had influenced his performance, breaking him a great score through his very first regular.

When he was announced for the series this past year, James expected people might have some thing to say about his dancing experience, imagining at the time:”I could dance but I am a whole lot older than I was.

“Folks will probably say I have an unfair advantage but once I got to the ice I really shocked myself how awful I was. I would like to have the ability to impress Torvill and Dean over anybody else, but I am a whole lot worse than I thought I would be.”