BBC Shows Life On Mars Is Becoming A Remake

The BBC has announced plans for a fresh collection of Life On Mars — but it is a Chinese movie that is is in the works, instead of a sequel.

This season, Because of also a manufacturing home and a partnership between the BBC has been made.

The show is going to be put from the 1990s along with a media release announcing that the information points out that the”landmark decade” has been”a period of financial expansion and cultural wealth [because ] China became increasingly receptive to the rest of the world culturally”.

BBC Studios executive David Weiland has theorized there could be Chinese adaptations of strike series to come also, saying:”We’ve got a massive variety of high quality scripted names from Doctor Foster and Luther to Thirteen and At The Club, reveals that could captivate Chinese audiences”

He added that Life On Mars”ranks as one of the greatest dramas to come from the united kingdom and is an excellent illustration of the breadth and prosperity of the scripted formats catalog”.

Life On Mars started broadcasting in 2006 and has been accommodated in several of nations.

An American variant aired just a couple of decades later and also a Spanish variant immediately followed, together with a Russian adaption (titled Dark Side Of the Moon) plus also a Czech one (Planet Underneath The Head).

The United Kingdom version was followed by a spin-off, Ashes To Ashes, which saw Keeley Hawes take over from John Simm as direct .